Saturday, April 19, 2014

Endorsements for Judge-Exec Candidate Kevin Sell

Source: Press Release

Kevin Sell (R-Alexandria) announced the following endorsements of his candidacy for Campbell County Judge-Executive:

Former U. S. Congressman Geoff Davis
Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer
Kentucky Senator John Schickel
Kentucky Senator Chris McDaniel
Kentucky Representative Brian Linder
Silver Grove Mayor Neal Bedel
Cold Spring Mayor Mark Stoeber

In a separate release, Sell commented on the inability of the Kentucky House of Representateives to pass Senate Bill 5 on heroin:

“The failure of the General Assembly to pass a legislative package to combat the heroin epidemic is a disaster for Northern Kentucky.

“Our current county Judge-Executive spent this legislative session lobbying for an additional sales tax proposed by Louisville special interests and organizing an effort urging the Governor to veto a bill that would protect Northern Kentuckians from tolls.   He should have instead taken on a leadership role in advocating for this heroin legislation, a scourge that is getting worse by the day.

“As your next Judge-Executive, I will stop the games and make fighting this heroin epidemic my Day One priority. My established four point plan involving prevention, legislation, enforcement, and treatment will be the starting point and I will not stop advocating for these needed policies until they are implemented by our state and county leadership.”

Friday, April 18, 2014

Van Damme It's Friday Fort Thomas Rundown

Here's your rundown on things percolating through the Highlands of Fort Thomas for the week:

- The primary political season is in full swing. I will be moderating debates for the Independent Business Association of Northern Kentucky on May 1 and May 8 at Devanna's in Cold Spring. These events will feature some of the higher profile races in Campbell County and will be a great watch.

Getting the candidates in the same place at the same time facing off against one another is important to a democratic society. And the drama is unmatched. Mark your calendars.

- The water fountains at the dog park were completely destroyed last week and required full replacement.

Do better, Fort Thomas. Just do better. 

Editorial: Senate Bill 5 Shining Example of Dysfunctional Frankfort

Photo via CN2
This is why people get so frustrated with politics.

Fort Thomas City Hall, Frankfort, Washington - they all have characteristics that drive "we the people" crazy. They ignore common sense and many times the desire of its constituents. In the case of the Kentucky House of Representatives' inability to pass Senate Bill 5 to deal with our area's heroin epidemic, it's bordering near criminal. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt at Highland Hills Baptist This Sunday

Tentative district alignment has Highlands in four-team 5A district; NC in six-team 2A district

G. Michael Graham Photo. The Highlands Bluebirds could be in the same Class 5A district with Dixie Heights, Covington Catholic and Grant County starting in 2015.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association recently released the draft football alignments for the 2015 through 2018 seasons.

The 10 Best High School Football Towns in America

1-A - Fort Thomas, Kentucky. 
So, did not include Fort Thomas on this list, which is kind of ridiculous. The second most winningest program in the nation is not included? Methinks the author was remiss in leaving off Cake Country. I have inserted Highlands at their rightful place at the top.

Onto the rest of the list.

1- Massillon, Ohio

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

With UK Quarterback Transfer, Patrick Towles Has Big Opportunity

Patrick Towles with Jared Lorenzen at the first Mark vs. Food event in January 2012
Via ESPN: Quarterback Jalen Whitlow's decision to transfer from Kentucky leaves a very big opportunity for early enrollee freshman Drew Barker and third-year sophomore Patrick Towles.

Both arrived at Kentucky with enormous hype and now could be barreling toward their own two-man race for the starting QB job for the Wildcats.

2014 Kentucky General Assembly Final Night: What Passed, What Didn't

Via CN2- The final hour probably was not lawmakers’ finest hour.

Earlier Tuesday night — the 60th and final day of the 2014 session — they passed a flurry of bills. But the last hour of the session was marked by procedural votes, finger-pointing and inaction on several key bills.

First, what passed on the final night:

Blue Marble Bookstore Presents: Mama on a Budget: Your Guide to the Fort Thomas Recreation Easter Egg Hunt

This Saturday is Fort Thomas’ annual Hunger Games Spring Egg Hunt sponsored by the Fort Thomas Recreation Department.  This year, Knox is in the 4-6 age category which is wonderful because he had perfectly mastered the 1-3 category after last years’ two-egg, three-meltdown showing.   This is no fault of the event; it is a wonderful event, tons of fun, great community, and executed well.  I think this is the fault of me as a parent for not instilling in him that killer instinct needed to get an egg or two out of the 14,000 that will be strewn throughout Tower Park at noon.  Granted, there will likely be 35,000 kids so hopefully “may the odds be ever in your favor”, as they say.  For those of you with outgoing children, never fear, you’ll barely be able to carry your basket full of eggs.  For those of you with, well, more reserved children like mine, below is your guide to surviving the “reaping”:

Katie Stine's Senate Bill 5 on Heroin Runs Out of Time

Katie Stine's Senate Bill 5, "that (would have fought) the scourge of heroin that is spreading throughout Kentucky" passed the Senate January 19. "Unfortunately, there have been many people (that died) of overdose; at least 24 in Kenton County alone, since then," said Katie Stine through her legislative update sent on April 11. "Hopefully the House will act before more people die."

Last night at midnight the time ran out on SB 5.

Get to Know the Candidates: Q&A w/ Anthony Bonomini, Running for City Council

This year, all six Fort Thomas City Council members, along with Mayor Mary Brown, face re-election. As part of FTM's efforts to keep you, the Fort Thomas electorate, informed and prepare you for the upcoming election season, the Q&A below is part of an ongoing FTM series spotlighting candidates in the 2014 elections. Incumbents and challengers are asked a nearly identical set of questions, then a second round of follow-up questions, if necessary. This week I spoke with Anthony Bonomini, running for Fort Thomas City Council.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy to host A Day In The Park April 26

The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy has A Day in the Park planned for April 26 to reforest Rossford Park.

The day will be packed full of fun events and volunteer work aimed at making the park beautiful once again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Street Class: A Wedding Reception 50 Years in the Making

In today's world, it's common to see relationships come and go. This is not the case for Bill and Judy Stephenson. The pair recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. This anniversary was particularly special for Bill and Judy. Surrounded by friends and family, the pair finally had their long awaited wedding celebration. 

When Bill was 18 and Judy was 16, the pair met one fateful Sunday. "My friend and I - I have to be honest - we skipped youth church. I had a car, and we were just driving around having a good time. All of a sudden, this corvette started following us, and it had two boys in it. I kept saying to my friend, 'If my dad knew that boys were following us, I would be grounded until I was 65,'" said Judy. She tried to outrace the Corvette near Cincinnati Gardens, but the car soon caught up to them. They pulled into a Frisch's parking lot, and the two boys jumped into Judy's back seat. "I thought he was exceptionally cute. He had on an overcoat," recalled Judy. Bill and his friend asked for the girls' numbers, and soon the two were inseparable. "He called, and we went out that Friday night, and that Saturday night, and every Friday and Saturday since then," said Judy. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kentucky Derby Planning

The 2014 Kentucky Derby is only a month away, which means it's time to start planning! 

Whether you actually have tickets or will be attending a party, you must look the part of a charming, southern belle with your flirty dress and exquisite hat.

I mixed one fabulous hat and accessories with two different dresses. I couldn't choose between them. They were both too darn cute!

Music Festival Planned to Anti-heroin Awareness

NkyHatesHeroin has planned a music festival.

With six venues in Newport and 14 local bands have partnered up to fight the heroin epidemic in Northern Kentucky on Saturday, April 12 starting at 6 p.m. with a music festival. The event cost $10, which will get patrons in at all six venues. Raffle tickets for a split the pot and WWW.NKYHatesHeroin.Com T-shirts will also be sold at each location.

The lineup:
York Street Cafe
The Chuck Land BandGrand OversoulHoney And HoustonThe Coreand Eva Ross

Little Nashville
Marty Connor Band and The Carter New Band

Gary Devoto, Gary Webster and Friends                                                                                                                                                                           

Nailed It J.R.'s Revenge and Altered Inc.

Mokka And The Sunset Bar & Grill
Don Fangman (Frank Sinatra Impersonator) and Stonehaus Trail

Band to Be Announced

The bands genres include bluegrass, country, rock, lounge/jazz andclassic rock. “There really will be something for everyone,” says Chris Stegner, chairman of NKY Hates Heroin and one of the event organizers. “It will be a fun night, with great music for a great cause.”

Event Proceeds will be given to NKY Hates Heroin, an organization that is dedicated to heroin education and prevention, as well as providing support to addicts seeking recovery and their families. The organization was founded by the Stegner/Specht/Schell/Layman families of Fort Thomas after Nicholas Specht lost his life at age 30 to a heroin overdose.  

Visit WWW.NKYHatesHeroin.Com for more information.

Judge Exec Pendery Tele Town Hall Recording

Judge Executive Candidate Kevin Sell Endorsed by Northern Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee

In the race for Campbell County Judge-Executive, Kevin Sell (R-Alexandria) has received the endorsement of Northern Kentucky Right to Life’s Political Action Committee.

“I am humbled by this vote of confidence,” said Sell. “I am proudly pro-life and as your next Judge-Executive, I will continue to work to defend the rights of the unborn.”

Kevin Sell was involved in helping the New Hope Center establish a presence in south Campbell County. The New Hope Center offers help and hope to women who find themselves with an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy.

In other charitable endeavors, Sell has served as the Chairman of the C.A.R.E. Mission for two years. The C.A.R.E. Mission is a charitable entity that serves to assist the community with services including food and clothing.   He also currently serves as Vice President and Clinical Services Committee Chair of the Covington Scottish Rite Foundation. This organization runs the RiteCare program that funds a children’s speech and language disorder clinic in Cold Spring, Ashland and Prestonsburg.

NKU to host Take Back the Night seminar focusing on sexual assault prevention

Every two minutes someone in the United States suffers a sexual assault. About 238,000 people actually report the crime each year, but the number of cases of sexual assault is believed to be much, much higher because of the reluctance victims feel about reporting it.