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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bellevue Incentives

A recent article in the Cincinnati Post provides another great example of an area town thinking outside the box in regards to defining an objective (promote more owner occupied housing) and then offering real incentives to affect change (initially $2,500 per unit and now $5,000). In this case the objective is reducing multi-families and helping the off-street parking situation.

The results for Bellevue have been modest (20 conversions) - no numbers were given for the number of off-street parking spots but the incentive is $500 per parking spot. The quote from the city administrator: "By encouraging people to convert the homes back, we might be losing density, but we are gaining a possible homeowner which increases the value of the neighborhood and the quality of life for the whole community,"

A similar model could be used for attracting retail in the 3 defined business districts in Fort Thomas to convert rental units to store front retail. Incentives could be offered for current street-front owners that are currently renting to office use or residential multi-tennant use. If, and I believe it does, begin with the decisions landlords make about what type of use they rent their commercial space for then a similar model could have an impact.

The key however is getting the administration to agree that this is one of our primary objectives for moving the city forward. Apparently the current number one objective is controlling the deer population?!?

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