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Monday, January 7, 2008

Big Crowd Tonight at Council

A large crowd showed up tonight at the City Council meeting. I would estimate the crowd to be about 100. After listening to about 40 minutes of commentary it was clear that about 90% of the crowd was against the current ordinance allowing deer hunting in the city. Of the 10% that were not there to oppose the ordinance they too were not in favor but were there to support the need to control the deer population.

Channel 9 and Channel 12 had cameras and it appeared that a reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer was there as well. Two officers were on hand to keep order but were really not needed. Many of those there were very emotional about what they saw as a hastily crafted ordinance that is doing more to endanger the public than avoid a nuisance.

Of the more interesting things of the evening I spoke with an officer who indicated he was just happy he didn't have to shoot the deer. It really did appear that no one outside of the 6 decision makers at the front of the room were interested in continuing with the hunt. It will be interesting to see what happens now.


  1. With the filing deadline for Ft Thomas Council and Mayor for Tuesday at 4:00 pm on Tuesday Jan 29th it is curious why no one files for council other than the same folks.

    Seems that the deadline and procedures need to be publicized with the "Deer Issue" etc.

  2. Typically those in favor of a proposal or suggestion are the 'quiet' majority, while those against are vocal in order for their opionion to be heard. It would not be wise for anyone to assume the town was against the bow hunting based on the attendance at meetings.