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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Coffee Shop Being Considered in Midway

A reader of this blog is seriously considering opening a gourmet coffee shop in the Midway district. The space they are considering for the shop would be the old ceramic store in the Midway, a couple doors down from the Pub.

Their early vision for the shop would include a fireplace, long serving bar, all hardwood flooring, free wi-fi, and comfortable furniture. They describe it as being very similar to a "Friends" type of environment. Gourmet coffees will be served, as well as homemade bagels and other breakfast dishes, lunch and inexpensive kids food. It may feature open mike nights, as well as revolving art displays that feature works from Fort Thomas adults and children. We'd like to have a small conference room with a flat screen TV and DVD player, which could be reserved for private meetings. They are considering evening hours as well.

They asked each of the readers of this blog for their feedback. Please post your comments about this vision of a neighborhood coffee shop. If you know the location be sure to provide any of your thoughts about any potential ideas or problems you might see with the location. Do you have any concerns about parking?

Personally, I think it is a very good vision. I believe Fort Thomas is in desperate need of a relaxing environment to hang out and kill a few hours - especially if you can sip on a beverage or have a pastry to enjoy. I think Wi-fi is a must and I think evening hours would be great for a couple of reasons. First, I believe it will give the Midway district the appearance of some life beyond 6pm and secondly because I believe most people are working during the day and would only truly be able to enjoy the atmosphere on the weekends.

What are your thoughts? Would you support the coffee shop?


  1. A coffee shop in the Midway district would be great. I think parking is a concern. Hopefully the revitalization plan to have more parking would help. I look forward to a future community hang-out.

  2. this would be a reat place for a much needed coffee shop! food and evening hours would be a good idea. it would be a nice place for teens to go instead of starbucks.