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Friday, January 25, 2008

Madeira Development Plan

According to our friends over at Building Cincinnati, another area community is working hard to develop the same type of community and feel that the residents of Fort Thomas desire.

Some highlights from the article include:
  1. Madeira plans to use Camargo road as the main gateway for the town and are focusing their efforts on development along that road.
  2. According to the article one of the primary goals of the session is to, "clarify the zoning code to make the corridor more attractive to developers." I am sure this doesn't mean they are going to tear down the zoning but rather look for strategic ways to make it easier to build businesses along this planned gateway.
  3. "The study will also address under performing structures, traffic flow along the road, and how to attract more pedestrian activity." This indicates a fair amount of foresight in that they are looking property by property to see how it fits into their vision.
  4. Lastly, it is interesting to note the format of the workshop where residents and business owners would break into small groups to create the plan.
It will be interesting to follow Madeira's progress as they put together this plan - I believe this can be a model for how Fort Thomas can create a vision for retail and the various business districts that go beyond facades.

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