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Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Story About Milford Renaissance

The Enquirer has published another article on Milford's development. While there is not a lot of new ground covered in this article there are a few items that are of interest for Fort Thomas.

Before I jump into those points I want to say that it was just 6 or 7 years ago that I would ride my bike from a friends house through downtown Milford on my way to the start of the bike trail. I remember a conversation I had with this friend about how there was so much promise but that it was an extremely dead area. The attitude within the community was that retail could not survive in the downtown area - a very similar refrain heard in Fort Thomas.

Some interesting points about the resurgence:
  1. Most everyone seemed to credit the presence of restaurants for the life that has been breathed into the town
  2. Also credited was the location of Milford. This includes its proximity to neighboring communities to draw from including Indian Hill. But possibly more important is the natural location near a river and the bike trail. This could be the same benefit that Tower Park could bring to a re-energized Midway district.
  3. The number of unique businesses that are located in Milford. This includes a toy train store and a doggy bistro. It appeared to be unanimous among merchants that they would not dream of putting their store in a mall. Fort Thomas must focus on these same types of businesses to be successful.

1 comment:

  1. Fort Thomas does have a successful Children's Bookstore--the Blue Marble.

    However, Fort Thomas Avenue is not a major route through Campbell County. Businesses would need to situate on US 27 and Grand Avenue.