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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Candidates For City Council

As has been widely reported in the area media (Cincinnati Enquirer, Pat Crowley Blog) there was a large amount of interest in the local council races. The community recorder plans to have a brief summary of each of the candidates in their upcoming issue. Many of you will see that I have also thrown my hat in the ring. I will try to avoid using this site as a mouthpiece for the campaign (I have my campaign site for that), but lets admit it - this site has given me a bit of a soap box for some time. I will continue to stick to the developments in the community that I think are important, provide some brief editorial comments, and open it up for your thoughts.

Much has been made of the role the recent deer hunting ordinance has played in everyone's decision to run and much will continue to be made of its role but from my perspective it will not be a one issue race. Many people have indicated to me that they welcome some new faces on council - how do you feel?


  1. I like your interest in seeing new businesses in this town, and think the state of our retail environment, and the redevelopment issues are way more important than the deer issue. That particular issue will be cleared up within the next few months, whereas attacting new businesses and cleaning up the Midway will take years. You were involved in these issues long before you decided to run, and that means a lot, in my opinion.

  2. How about litter and garbage clean-up on Ft Thomas Avenue?

    The trash cans on the Avenue always seem to be overflowing.