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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fort Thomas Conservancy Forming

A group of citizens are forming a Fort Thomas Conservancy with the stated mission of creating 'a grassroots, nonprofit organization charged with promotion of the protection and preservation of natural areas and green space, along with the responsible management of wildlife and the development of park amenities and trails for the enjoyment of nature within the City of Fort Thomas, Kentucky.'

Some of the actions being considered by the group include:
  • enlisting the help of the Kentucky Nature Conservancy and the Hillside Trust along with State and Federal agencies (Land and Water Conservation funds, etc.) to acquire as much of this undeveloped land as is possible.
  • encourage the city government to oversee zoning and development to conform to community standards
  • advocate to the city government for responsible management of the city’s wildlife
  • advocate for the development of park amenities and trails within the city.
While the organizers are in the early phases of development they have been successful in mobilizing support. Plans include the further development of a website, memberships, and further organization. This is yet another example of grassroots mobilization around various ideas about the direction of the city.

What do you think about the stated goals listed by the group? Do you think the priorities are right for the community? What would you propose in each of these areas?"


  1. I think it's a great idea. Let's get it going before we have no more green space ot hillsides.

  2. Is this a case of we have ours but nobody else should get theirs?

  3. FYI--Campbell County does have a Conservation District which meets monthly in Alexandria and has taxpayer funding.

  4. If the purpose is similar to the Nature Conservancy and the Kentucky Conservancy, it is a great idea. Wher do you get information on how to join?

  5. Here is their website address: