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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillside Development

A meeting is being held tonight in Fort Wright to discuss hillside development in Northern Kentucky. The meeting is being facilitated by a group of students from UK.

Hillside development has been in the news a lot lately such as a move to restrict hillside development in Covington including a 90 day moratorium. A few hillside developments come to mind in and around Fort Thomas. The first is the shopping center in the former Cote Brilliante neighborhood and the job that Bear Creek will have to do to keep the hillside from sliding. The second is the in-fill along the southwest side of Memorial Pkwy. A third project is the condos on current Highlands Country Club land.

This begs the question about how this could impact development in Fort Thomas. Does anyone know the current restrictions in Fort Thomas? What are you thoughts about hillside development in Fort Thomas?

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  1. Fort Thomas has pretty strict Hillside Development controls. If two or more of the following characteristics exist on a site, these controls kick in: 1.Slopes greater than 20%; 2.Exposures to Kope geologic formations; 3. Prominent hillsides that are readily viewable from below; 4. Hillsides which provide views of a major stream or valley; 5. Hillsides functioning as community separators or community boundaries; 6. Hillsides which support natural wooded cover.

    If two or more conditions listed above exist, then plans must be submitted to the Planning Commission that include topography maps and geotechnical reports, along with a tree inventory and a plan to replace a portion of the trees that are lost. In addition, tree conservation areas are designated, and there are 11 fairly strict guidelines that may be used for consideration of an approval or denial of a development.

    Plans will be denied if they fail to comply with the guidelines mentioned above.