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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Deer Hunting Update

At the council meeting on Monday a report was issued by Don Martin reviewing the recent deer hunt (article overview in the Enquirer). The report is published on the Fort Thomas city website but to save you some time I have provided some highlights below (with a little commentary).

Some notes:
1. In 2006 there were 13 deer-related vehicle accidents – 12.1% higher than the five year average. In 2007 there were 11 deerrelated vehicle accidents – 5.2% lower than the five year average. The hunt started on December 27th so I am not sure why we had the program if in '07 the incidences of vehicle accidents (the primary reason given for the hunt) was below the 5 year average.

2. Fifty-seven individuals spoke at the meeting September 27th meeting where the program was reviewed. Of the 57 who spoke, 9 (15.8%) spoke in favor of the program as-written, 7 (12.3%) were supportive of a deer management program but did not want the police to be utilized, 14 (24.6%) were supportive of a deer management program but preferred to focus on non-lethal options, 25 (43.9%) were opposed to a deer management program.

3. Here is the list of reported deer killings during the nearly one month program and associated google map of the reported killings:
Crowell Avenue 1
Lester Lane 2
N. Route 8 22
Walden Lane 1
Crown Court 1
Midway Court 1
Ridgeway Avenue 2
Forest Avenue 1
Chesapeake Avenue 1
Greenwood Avenue 1
Glenway Avenue 1
Tower Hill Road 1
Burnett Ridge 2
Highview Drive 5

4. Four reported deer killings occurred on plots of land less than 2 acres in measurement. This could have been a small lot or a very big lot since this category is so broad.

5. Page 6 contains a list of reported (17) and confirmed (4) violations to the program. Some are alarming.

6. The determining factor for determining the effectiveness of the program will be the number
of deer-related vehicle accidents. Because this program was in place during the
2007/2008 hunting season, the accident numbers cannot be determined until after
December 2008.

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