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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Development newsletters

I ran across a development newsletter the other day from Clemson, SC. This appears to be the trend among small cities and communities trying to attract retail to their communities. This brings up a great point about the efforts that Fort Thomas could employ.

Many of you may be thinking but Clemson, SC must have many more resources and residents than Fort Thomas so by way of comparison here are the statistics.

  1. Clemson's population is 12,000 - Fort Thomas' population is 16,000
  2. Clemson University is located there which gives it a boost for retailers but is comparable to Fort Thomas given its proximity to NKU in neighboring Highland Heights.
  3. If you take a broader view - Clemson has a trade area of 88,000, the same population that Campbell County had in 2000.
While only a newsletter this is the type of effort that I would expect from Fort Thomas in order to bring the basic retail that our residents expect for an improved quality of life. Newsletters and other types of efforts not only communicate with investors about opportunities for retail investment but also allow communities to communicate to residents about development in town.

1 comment:

  1. Why the emphasis on retail? You say "Our goal is to make Fort Thomas Kentucky a better place to live," but I'm not sure how more retail within our city will do that. If it's strictly about money, then yes, more retail means more tax dollars from businesses and then maybe the resident's taxes could be lowered. But from a purely "better place to live" perspective I think it would be a mistake to build the kind of retail that would be able to flourish in Ft. Thomas. My point is, no retail in Ft. Thomas could be sustained just by Ft. Thomas residents, in my opinion. That means for a business to succeed in Ft. Thomas it would need to attract people and traffic from outside the city. This, to me, does not improve the lives of the residents. I like the fact that, for the most part, Ft. Thomas is a bedroom community with lots of shopping nearby.

    All that being said, my mind is open to change if it can be explained to me how retail in Ft. Thomas will improve our lives.