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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Street Calming in Fort Thomas?

Kevin Lemaster, the blogger over at Building Cincinnati has a recent post on a street calming program in Cincinnati. If you are like me you are probably asking 'what is street calming' and apparently it is a nice term for putting speed bumps in roads to protect safety. Apparently the city of Cincinnati had a program in the 90's to identify and deploy speed humps on streets around the city based on safety concerns and response from the community.

According to the article 41 streets in Cincinnati are being considered which brings up the question of which streets would be under consideration in Fort Thomas? Just because the speed limits on most streets in Fort Thomas are 25 doesn't mean people are actually driving at that speed. I live on Lumley and it is not uncommon to see people speed by at 35 or 40 mph with small children playing in the yards. It is a common complaint not just from my neighbors but others I talk with around town. What do you think - any streets candidates for a calming program?

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