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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Status of the Nevada Building??

It has now been 6 months since the Bank of Kentucky purchased the Nevada building (see this past post for background) and it continues to sit empty. I am reminded of some of the discussion about the purchase at the time including:

  • The Bank of Kentucky could sell the building for more than the $240K they paid at auction
  • They would do needed repairs to the building
Neither of which appear to have materialized. In fact the building has arguably lost value as the broader economy and more specifically real estate has continued to experience price declines and a shrinking market. While I am not privy to any plans the bank may have, I believe that for the good of the community the bank needs to cut their losses and sell to an interested developer willing to invest in the Midway.

Cycling in Fort Thomas

Two recent local stories emphasize the importance of biking and the need to think of ways to further support biking in Fort Thomas.

1. Gas Prices, fitness trend lead to bike revival - this Cincinnati Enquirer article speaks of the growing bike ridership in the greater Cincinnati area:
With high gas prices and people trading their couch-potato ways for healthier lifestyles, communities are learning the financial and recreational impact of bike trails and city planning that includes the needs of cyclists.
Miami Township is enticing riders to Hamilton County's first official mountain bike trail.

2. Rather bike? Park plan adds riverfront cycle shop - the multi-million dollar plan for the Riverfront park in Cincinnati will apparently include a bike shop that includes lockers and showers for those commuting to downtown on a bike.

These recent articles underscore the need to include cycling as an important component of any community development plans - including those for the Midway district. Fort Thomas has a strong cycling community and attracts cyclists from all over the area because of trails in Tower Park. Why not promote this with additional trails, sign-age, and marketing? Other thoughts include reducing Fort Thomas Ave to 2 lates, expanding the center berm with trees and adding bike lanes each direction. What are your ideas?

Ft Thomas Residents in 40 Under 40

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Cincinnati Business Courier, each your they compile a list of younger leaders in the Cincinnati area who are making an impact and will the next generation of leaders, named 40 Under 40.

The most recent listing was published this week and I noticed at least 2 Fort Thomas residents. Please congratulate Mark Exterkamp and John Williamson for making the list. There may also be others that I am not aware of so please if you see others from Ft Thomas please add them in the comments section.