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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creating Places that Matter

Thanks to our friends at Soapbox Media (you should sign up for their weekly emails as there is good information - although focused more on the Ohio side of the river) we learn about a conference at the Duke Energy center this coming weekend focused on creating communities that matter. The sub-text of the conference is "Building Valued Neighborhoods Through Form-Based Code"

This sounds like a great event with break-out sessions that include:
  • Communities and buildings following form based codes (FBC) are magnets for talent and energy.
  • Governments and communities reap the benefits of nourishing community character using form-based codes. Emphasis on neighborhood spaces and places makes both established and new communities walkable and engaging places to live, work, and play.
While many of you were not able to attend the council forum last night these are the types of ideas I would like to see the city pursue in relation to planning and zoning that can help spur development and create an environment for new businesses to thrive.

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