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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Nevada - An Anchor for Rebirth?

The Enquirer confirmed today what some of you may have heard or at least seen as you drove past the Nevada building. David Hosea has purchased the Nevada building and he has big plans for redevelopment. The tab for the renovations will run $250,000 and in addition to renovating the apartments along the Avenue the space will include a restaurant and caterer and he hopes to sign a Pilates studio and a dress shop.

The article also mentions that he is interested in purchasing other buildings along the Avenue with hopes of promoting the area. Big kudos to David for having vision and putting $s with those dreams. I hope this is the start of big things to come for the area.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We Have Chipotle!

In case you didn't hear the news from the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Newport Pavilion is getting a Chipotle. While this is the only other retailer that has signed on that really makes me excited the article indicates that a Chick Fil A may not be far behind.

New stores that have also signed an agreement include Famous Footwear, Cincinnati Bell/T-Mobile cell-phone store, Tire Discounters, Cincinnati Tan and a Chinese restaurant. The developer also appears to be still negotiating with a Logans Roadhouse and although the article mentions IHOP a spokesman told me that option was dead as IHOP has pulled out of expansion plans for the area. Lets hope they are working on bringing a First Watch as the breakfast spot of choice.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What? A Strategy?

The newest edition of the SoapBox has an article about an upcoming event to celebrate progress on the Covington "Third Century Strategic Plan". I know this is a blog about Fort Thomas - so how is this applicable to us?

I found a few things about this very applicable to Fort Thomas:

1. They have a plan! - I put a quote from the city's website below with bold text on the areas of emphasis. Notice that they are working towards very clear actionable steps and that the plan will guide the allocation of resources.

The major goal was to produce a strategic plan that has clear steps for implementation and can guide the city's future allocation of resources. We also created an ongoing process by which actions of stakeholders can be harnessed to help implement this plan. Importantly, the process was designed to involve a diverse cross-section of people from our community - specifically, those who have never participated in such efforts in the past - to generate new ideas, new relationships, and a broad commitment to the ongoing work needed to create the future of Covington.

2. Community Engagement Around Core Concepts - they have very specific, defined work groups such as Education, Safety, Downtown, Arts & Culture, etc. This allows those in the community that are passionate and have a vested interest in a particular concept to add the most value.

3. Regular Updates to Measure Progress

4. Open & Regular Communication - this allows the continued involvement of the community and pushing towards progress against stated goals.

I think a plan like this is long overdue for the city of Fort Thomas. For far too long we have excelled at education and community and rested on our successes. We need to continue to challenge ourselves to avoid losing the edge that makes Fort Thomas a community of choice in Northern Kentucky. How do you think a plan like this would work for Fort Thomas? What challenges do you see in getting community involvement for such an ambitious plan?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Newport Pavilion Update

Bear Creek Capital has updated their website (nice new look by the way) and they have some updated information - including my new contact, Adam Fights.

Adam had a few updates on the development at Memorial and 471 including:

  • Kroger should start to rise out of the ground any day

  • While it has become difficult to attract retailers of any kind in the current economic environment they have a few advantages including the location and visibility, an underserved market, and the fact that significant progress has been made.

  • With that being said they are having a difficult time attracting tenants. IHOP has pulled out of the development and has cancelled all expansion plans in the Cincinnati area. Kroger and Target are committed anchors and the only other signed lease that Adam confirmed is Buffalo Wild Wings.

In addition to the information above he indicated that he would love to hear from anyone that reads the blog in regards to retailers that Fort Thomas residents would like to see locate there. My pick is Chipotle. Add comments with your dream retailer!