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Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Area Deer Hunt

There was an article on today about the town of Mariemont becoming the latest Cincinnati area community to sponsor a deer hunt. In addition to the details of the hunt the article presented a pretty good synopsis of all area deer hunts. Here are some observations:

1. Other areas with proposed / past / current hunts include:

  • Amberly Village - started the program last week. A firm deer count was performed prior to the vote on the hunt that showed 115 deer, 28 more than the states recommendation per 3.5 mile area.
  • Indian Hill - since 1999, coincidentally the article mentions that this past year there were 28 accidents, four less than in 2006. I am not sure you can say the hunt has been successful with stats like that.
  • Hamilton County - have data indicating an increase in deer accidents from 44 in 1980 to 705 last year. The county has 2 programs; one in parks and the other in nature preserves. Both programs use bow hunting after park hours. All hunters must pass a qualifying test, a safety test, and attend a presentation on the rules. A record is kept of all kills and 445 were recorded last year.
  • City of Cincinnati - currently in 2 parks and will expanded next year to 2 more parks. All but 7 of the 217 reported kills by Cincinnati cops occurred in Mt Airy.
The Mariemont program will utilize bow hunting by 8 'certified' bow hunters in a private land area along the Miami River.

All of the programs, with the exception of maybe the city of Cincinnati's program, are more responsible than the current Fort Thomas program. None of them occur on private property, all of them require 'trained professionals', it appears that all of them also had very detailed counts and objectives.

By the way, apparently the deer in Fort Thomas are wreaking havoc on.... the Fort Thomas Police Department. 3 cruisers damaged this season, and I still know of no one who has had an encounter with deer in Fort Thomas.

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