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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Infrastructure Needs for Fort Thomas

There is an interesting article in the Enquirer today about Northern Kentucky leaders compiling a list of infrastructure needs in anticipation of the upcoming economic stimulus plan that president-elect Obama has proposed.

While you may disagree with some of the priorities listed in the article you have to applaud the leaders for being proactive and doing everything possible to bring a fair share of the stimulus to this area.

What I do find conspicuously missing from the list is anything for Fort Thomas. The only item on the current list is a rehab of the water plant by the NKY water district - initiated by the water district. How much would you like to see, as a part of the rehab, the opening of the walking paths along the reservoirs?

I also see that Florence has included $4 million for World of Sports. I am not sure how this is infrastructure but how great would a few million be for the Tower Park ampitheater?

Any other ideas about road / bridge projects for Fort Thomas? Any thoughts on sewer or sanitation needs? What about a long-term solution for Route 8 rather than patch work solutions that wash away as soon as the waters rise? What about the realignment of River Road in the Midway - can we use Federal dollars for this instead of out of our own general fund? We need to be sure that we come up with as many ideas as possible to feed on to the regional planners and leaders and right now there doesn't appear to be a lot of out of the box thinking coming from the city.

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