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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fort Thomas Development Updates

A few updates on some development related events in the Fort Thomas area:

  1. Check out Sarelli's if you haven't done so yet. Sarelli's is the first business open in the Nevada building since Hosea bought the property. The outside looks great as the storefront to the left of Sarelli's has been updated and is ready for another tennant. I have heard good things about Sarelli's food and they have wi-fi for those who want to get a few things done away from the home office - you will need to get the password from the counter.
  2. The Midway streetscape work begins next month so start looking for additional changes in the Midway.
  3. The Newport Pavilion now has more structures going up to the north of the Kroger building. On top of that the progress on the Kroger building is continuing nicely and will surely be a great addition to the area.
  4. Despite the good news on the progress the Business Courier reported even more problems with Bear Creek's Kenwood development and additional liens on the property now totaling $12 million. There is still nothing in regards to liens on the Newport development but to add insult to injury Bear Creek also lost a key component of their management team to Neyer.
  5. The Business Courier is also reporting that the Target on the site has been delayed until 2010. This doesn't appear to be a casualty of the economy rather the inability to prepare the site fully for Target to begin their work.
  6. Lastly, if you haven't seen the park on the corner of Southgate and Memorial Parkway the replacement of the retaining wall with an iron gate looks great. Kudos to the park board and the city for this small change.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crime Update - Fort Thomas

There are recent reports about some burglary crimes in Fort Thomas including the Tower Park area and home break-ins in the center of town. This is according to the police reports although we don't hear which street the crime occurred on.

I wanted to remind my readers that there is a great resource on the sidebar of this site that provides police report updates. Citizen Observer is the name of the resource used throughout the Cincinnati area. I highly recommend the service and you can sign up for email updates for particular areas of town. I don't recommend signing up for the Cincinnati alerts as you will be bombarded by emails. I am not making a joke, I tried it for 2 days and said enough.

Citizen Observer is a great example of using technology to communicate with the community and I have found that the alerts are very timely. And remember if you are not interested in more email spam just check back often at Fort Thomas Matters and check out the right hand navigation bar for the most up to date information.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bear Creek Capital & Finally Applying for Grants

I thought I would take this opportunity to mention a few recent articles from area media that concerns Fort Thomas.

1. It appears that someone finally listened to my pleas for grant submissions. According to the Enquirer the Forth at the Fort Committee will be submitting for the LWCF and the committee will be matching the grant amount. Apparently we will need to create a Committee for the bike trails in order to get the recreation department to submit an application for the Recreational Trails program. Deadline for this one is less than a month away. Here's to hoping.

2. The second comes courtesy of the Business Courier. According to the Courier some providers have not been paid on Bear Creek's Kenwood development that houses Crate & Barrel and other higher-end retailers. This doesn't appear to be Bear Creek's responsibility but rather one of their subcontractors. Lets hope that is the case and there is not a financial problems at BCC that could delay the Newport Pavilion.