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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bear Creek Capital & Finally Applying for Grants

I thought I would take this opportunity to mention a few recent articles from area media that concerns Fort Thomas.

1. It appears that someone finally listened to my pleas for grant submissions. According to the Enquirer the Forth at the Fort Committee will be submitting for the LWCF and the committee will be matching the grant amount. Apparently we will need to create a Committee for the bike trails in order to get the recreation department to submit an application for the Recreational Trails program. Deadline for this one is less than a month away. Here's to hoping.

2. The second comes courtesy of the Business Courier. According to the Courier some providers have not been paid on Bear Creek's Kenwood development that houses Crate & Barrel and other higher-end retailers. This doesn't appear to be Bear Creek's responsibility but rather one of their subcontractors. Lets hope that is the case and there is not a financial problems at BCC that could delay the Newport Pavilion.

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