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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fort Thomas Education Update

Big news this week on the education front in Fort Thomas. The first relating to the new capstone program introduced at Highlands High School starting next year. It truly appears to be an innovative program that enhances Highlands already great reputation for preparing students for the next phase of life. The 3 capstone groups are centered around Engineering, Mass Communications, and Performing Arts and will allow the students to move through classes together during their 4 years at Highlands. Perhaps more importantly, students can get a serious head start on earning college credit towards their degree. This program goes beyond standard advance placement classes and gives the students a huge head start on their studies in college.

The second news story comes out of Frankfort as Gov Beshear has indicated a willingness to review parts of the Kentucky Education Reform Act or KERA as it is known. While the governor gave no details on specific proposals there appears to be a willingness for the first time to tackle some of the harder issues. There is some good discussion in the article from area legislators and most of the talk centered on changes to the CATS testing component of the reform that is now 20 years old. The one issue with the law that most Fort Thomas residents take exception to is the funding formulas and unfortunately the article nor the legislators really address this issue with the exception of 2 short lines near the bottom of the article. As a result of so many districts in the state benefiting from this funding formula the chances of making substantive changes that could benefit the Fort Thomas School district are slim.

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