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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missing Piece of the Midway Rehab

Here is another recent story from the Enquirer about the streetscape work about to begin next month. This is a story I mentioned a few weeks ago here so not new news but there is an interesting quote at the end of the article from the owner of the Midway.

"The city needs to get those buildings back to conforming use by getting more
storefronts," Gabennesch said. "I think the city isn't addressing enough to
resolve the problems. "

Tim is dead on with this comment and I have spoken with a few people in the community that have tried to purchase the property from the current owner. Unfortunately the owner makes good money from HUD for the low income rental revenue and has no incentive to sell. This really needs a creative solution and I couldn't agree more that the properties are an anchor keeping redevelopment of the Midway from moving forward. Any thoughts on how to make a change here?

1 comment:

  1. Agreed - I live in the Midway area, and walk past the storefront apartments often. Nothing like seeing some guy in his underwear watching TV 2 feet from where you're walking.
    You see storefront apartments in cities that have died and can't support retail. Corryville, Over the Rhine, Avondale, AND Fort Thomas. Come on - give me a break - we can do better!
    I cannot believe the city is going to spend $2 million on burying utility lines and various band-aid projects like that and no one is addressing the elephant sitting in the middle of the Midway - storefront apartments. I'd much rather see them take the money, pay off the slumlords that own the buildings, rehab the them and resell them again. They'd get most of the money back when they resell them, and then could reuse that money to bury their utility lines.