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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Woodfill Reconstruction

An article about finally getting started on reconstructing Woodfill. I am not sure but I think the reconstruction of Woodfill is the closest thing to a "shovel ready" project that I know of in Fort Thomas. Not sure how that $800B in funds will trickle down through the state but I hope it made a list somewhere.


  1. Have any renderings of the new building been released? I now live in NYC and work in the architecture business, but attended Woodfill from kindergarten to 4th grade back in the early 80's, and I still keep up with what's happening back home. Naturally, I'm a bit curious about what the new Woodfill will look like.

  2. They have filed the plans with the state for approval. I assume that once approved they can be released. Interestingly enough there is a document from 2007 on the KY Dept of Education website ( that lists the costs at just under $7m so that is quite a change to $12m - perhaps it was the extra cost for the geothermal and other green building components that pushed the price up. I also wonder if that helped it better fit within the context of the stimulus plan.

  3. The school plans were released in October/November and were shown at the November Woodfill PTO meeting. The plans are on display in the school, also.

  4. I was able to find a couple renderings on the school district's website. The quality of the renderings isn't great, but they give a decent overall picture. Looks like the bulk of the new construction will face Woodfill Avenue, at least in the initial phases.

    I note from the link above that Johnson School is also slated to be rebuilt, and that Moyer will be undergoing significant renovations.

  5. Thanks David. As a note the link on the website that you are referring to is: