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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Restaurant in Fort Thomas - Pergola's

This was the sight earlier today as the old Warner's location was being transformed into the latest restaurant in Fort Thomas. The sign hanging on the outside lists the restaurant name as Pergola's and from the news I am hearing may have a bakery or at least breakfast pastries as well as lunch and dinner. There is remnants of wood on the patio that may be forming an actual pergola over the patio. It will be exciting to have another place to eat at - what would you like to see from the new restaurant?

While on the topic of restaurants - I found Sarelli's on Twitter yesterday. I have added their tweets on the right-hand side of the page near the bottom but feel free to become a follower. They are having specials to their followers that could be worth your while.


  1. Here's their website

  2. Thanks Scott. I have added the link to the body of the post. The menu is included on the site and the descriptions along with the price points give me optimism that this could be a serious upgrade for Fort Thomas dining options