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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Vernon Pool Needs Your Help

Many of you may not be familiar with the Vernon Swim Club. No, it is not the Fort Thomas Swim Club with its waiting list of 500 but a small neighborhood swim club that sits in the backyard of Mayor Mary Brown.

This pool has been around for a few years and has offered not only the residents of Vernon Lanes, but surrounding streets as well, a nice respite from the crowded decks of the Fort Thomas YMCA. The club has only 28 members today. Recent Federal laws requiring newer, updated filtration systems as well as drainage systems mean that in order for the pool to stay open they need to completely dig up the old pool and replace it with a new one. Obviously the club does not have enough capital to make this investment today and are raising funds through a bonding program and adding 2 - that's right 2 - new members.

While 2 new members does not seem like a tall hurdle, due to the need for a larger outlay for the bond some existing members are dropping their membership and the club needs as many as 12 by next month to keep going. The initial plans for the new pool calls for an L-shaped pool with an expanded swimming area and a walk-in on the new portion. This will provide more shallow swimming area for the kids. The plan also includes a wrap around deck for more areas to sun.

If anyone is interested in finding out more or would like to sign-up contact Marc Kirschenbaum at 859-322-4565.


  1. Fort Thomas swim club is 100 times better. No one goes to the vernon pool! Also it is actually bigger than the vernon pool which about 5 people can fit in at once!

  2. Jim, I appreciate your comments. A couple points of clarification though. Just as a disclaimer - I am not personally investing in the swim club so I have no vested interest. Investing in one of the last remaining spots for the pool means a brand new pool. For those that have seen the plans they tell me it is excellent - includes an expansion as well as new wrap around deck. There is no debating that the pool today is not in the best shape. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to any of the few pools in Fort Thomas whether it is the Y pool, the swim club, Vernon Pool, or the Highland Country Club. The advantages of the Vernon Pool would include no waiting list (there has been a 7 year wait for many on the swim club list) as well as the very small membership (30 vs 300).

  3. Well, I guess they did not get the money they needed because they just did a really bad re-model on the pool. I live right across the street and have been begging the members for years to clean the place up and be more respectful of our neighborhood. To me it looks even worse than before. I agree with Jim Shoe - don't bother to join this club/click.

    It seems to me, but I could be wrong, mostly comprised a just few families.

    Cat Rudert - anxiously waiting for labor day!

  4. Bunch of arrogant snobs from what I hear. I wouldn't swim there in a million years. They aren't good neighbors to the people who live there, so why would anyone want to associate with them. I'll swim at the Y or just go for a walk and take a shower. Clean up the mess and be kind to your neighbors.