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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why I Am Excited About the Future of the Midway

The more I think about the prospects of the Midway the more excited I get. We are just a few short months away from some serious momentum. Lets take a quick inventory of some of the important changes that are imminent in a very short space:
  1. Nevada Building purchase & redevelopment
  2. Tower Homes
  3. Farmer's Market
  4. Street scape
  5. Amphitheater leveling
Suggestions to not only continue the momentum but speed it up include:
  1. Website for the farmers market. We need information and now. How can someone become a vendor? We need ambassadors to spread the word to potential vendors this includes artisans so it becomes a destination and builds off of positive buzz. Serious kudos on the building and location. This has the potential of being a unique location but you have to fill the building with shopping options.
  2. Tower Homes must be sold to serious buyers who can afford to quickly turn the homes around and get residents in them today
  3. Street scape changes should have happened yesterday. The worst thing that can happen is to get some momentum and then have construction drag on and prevent people from shopping at the existing and new places
  4. Finish the amphitheater and get some serious programming before the summer is over. We need weekly family movies, some Shakespeare in the park, and live bands. Again, a website would be helpful for citizens to suggest events. The amphitheater needs a dedicated volunteer management team to ensure programming. This will provide some much needed traffic for the area merchants. Coordinate the timing of these events with the hours of operation of the Farmer's market.
Any other thoughts or ideas? We have a serious shot to change the complexion of our community, lets make the most of it.

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