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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Highlands and Pergola - A Source of Pride

Two things from Friday give me great pride in Fort Thomas.

The first is Highlands High School - again ranked among the elite public high schools in the nation climbing a whopping nearly 200 places in the Newsweek rankings to 572. Highlands rankings from the past 5 years show an incredible leap in the past couple of years from a fairly consistent spot in the 800's.

2005 - 808
2006 - 819
2007 - 832
2008 - 735
2009 - 572

It is an incredible accomplishment and everyone on staff and the students should be commended.

The second source of pride comes from the opening night of the new restaurant on the Avenue - Pergola. The place was hopping and it is exactly what we need to bring some life to the main street through town. It gives the impression that the city is alive. We had guests at our house who had never been to Fort Thomas and they wanted to talk about the restaurant down the street and how amazing the community is.


  1. Re: School Rankings

    How does Holmes rank above Highlands? Seems unbelievable to me.

  2. Despite the Covington School district's troubles (which have been well chronicled recently in the Enquirer) Holmes has a good school. I am not sure they are 570th good but nevertheless - good.

  3. New rankings just came out and Highlands made a big jump from 572 to 367. Congrats to everyone from students to teachers to administrators. Your hard work is paying off.