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Thursday, June 18, 2009

River Cities Trail & Fort Thomas

Yesterday we got an update on the Vision 2015 plan (although the website doesn't appear to be updated) and one of the items reviewed was 'a bold vision of trails, open space and entertainment venues for the riverfront'. This vision is the same vision mentioned in this past post on Fort Thomas Matters from March 17th on the Southbank partners.

Then today we get word that the river cities have invested a grand total of $225,000 including a contribution from Fort Thomas to do some planning and hiring a lobbying firm to secure federal dollars. The article does not mention the exact amount invested by Fort Thomas but since there were 6 municipalities that contributed it was likely $37,500.

My biggest concern is that most of the plans I have seen are focused on the central riverfront and will provide the strongest benefit to Newport, Covington, Bellevue, and Dayton. Yet Newport did not make an initial contribution to the effort. No details have been sketched in regards to the plans for Fort Thomas' riverfront and it will likely be the last phase of the plan which could be decades away if it is realized at all. I am hopeful - I would just like to see some firmer plans.

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