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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work on the Midway

While ultimately I do believe the Midway can look great, on my way to the Y yesterday my worse fears were realized regarding the street scape work along Fort Thomas Ave. Removing the trees and burying the lines highlight the public housing that exists next to the Midway.

In the poll on the right side of this site I asked the question "What Cincinnati neighborhood would you most like to model the Midway?" and an overwhelming response (32%) indicated Mt Lookout Square. I submit to you a picture comparison - you tell me if we are on the way to realizing that vision?

I know they will eventually replant some trees along the sidewalk but for the next couple of years this only going to serve to expose the HUD housing along our primary retail route.


  1. I love the trees being gone. Lot less cluttered look.


    As you say, exposes the HUD housing. Wish there was a creative, win-win solution to this issue, but I don't know what it could be.

  2. Hopefully once the streescape is done, the man that owns the HUD housing will see that he can help improve the area (and make more money) by turning the buildings back into store fronts.