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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ruth Moyer Rain Garden

On Saturday, July 11th a group of Fort Thomas residents gathered at Ruth Moyer to install a rain garden in front of the Ruth Moyer front steps. You may be familiar with this area by the caution tape that generally surrounds it as it is prone to standing water after large rains.

The group of citizens included a large contribution of labor by Fort Thomas Provides, a non-profit that started on the social networking website LinkedIn and quickly moved beyond the virtual world into tangible ways of making the community better. You can check out their profile on LinkedIn or visit their website.

The project would not have been possible without the leadership of the Garden Coach, Kris Barton. Kris provided the creativity and organization that allowed the group to complete the successful project. Principal Jay Brewer was also on hand to help out with the garden.


  1. Nice article Darrin! Besides the people in the final picture, there were several others who started the day at 10am and contributed largely to the effort.


  2. Great work everyone.

    Thought the group might like to hear my paraphrase of a conversation from the work crew.

    Moyer Mom/Volunteer: "So, what year are your kids at Moyer?"

    FTP Volunteer: "My kids go to Woodfill"

    Moyer Mom/Volunteer: "Wow, that's nice of you to help on a Moyer project."

    FTP Volunteer: "This is a Fort Thomas project and we're happy help where ever we're needed."

    Moyer Mom/Volunteer: "That's really cool. What's the name of your group? Can anyone join? Do you have a website?"

    We just can't buy that kind of advertising.