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Monday, August 31, 2009

Census & Fort Thomas

There has been a lot of stories in the past few years about the census and its impact on funding at both the federal and state level. A high profile example has come from across the river as Mayor Mallory has successfully challenged census estimates in the past. A recent article in Soapbox indicates that the city of Cincinnati is taking that challenge even further this coming year as a full census count is approaching.

This brings up an important question for Fort Thomas that I have actually heard a lot - even during my unsuccessful run for City Council - 'How is the population of Fort Thomas shrinking?' This question comes from seeing new condos, Fisher Homes neighborhoods, apartments, and multitude of flag lots sprouting across the city over the past 10 years - yet the population has steadily declined. On top of housing our elementary, middle, and high schools are more crowded than ever.

To illustrate this paradox see the following chart:

While I doubt a concerted effort around an effective count would yield quite the results that a concerted effort had in Cincinnati - perhaps it is time to put a bit more emphasis on a correct count. While it may not yield a lot of additional funding it could have an impact on decisions by retailers or others on locating their business in our great community.

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  1. I agree an accurate count would be good, but I doubt it would affect businesses in Fort Thomas since the city has very strict laws about what size businesses can build here. That's why we don't have any big box retailers and the only fast-food restaurant I know of is Subway.