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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pocket Park @ Grand & Highland

I didn't know that the city rented our pocket parks for promotional purposes. This was taken today around 5:30 - not sure what Cincinnati Bell was doing but they had a highly visible display at one of the busiest intersections in the city. Any idea what it costs to rent the park?


  1. Cincinnati Bell ran Fiber obtic in the Summit neighborhood of off Grand, wonder if that what they are doing?

  2. This is FANTASTIC!!!! I checked it out on their website and many homes in our area can now get Cincinnati Bell tv,internet, and home phone bundles!!!

    NO more price gouging from Insight!!!!!!!!

  3. I would bet it's the new FiOptics service from Cincinnati Bell. I called them up and they confirmed they are rolling out the service in Fort Thomas, starting with the apartment buildings and condo complexes and then moving on to single family homes.

  4. Yeah, saw that setup too, and wondered what they were doing at that particular "park", especially with the incredibly limited parking and incredibly-low foot traffic...