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Friday, September 4, 2009

Random Updates

As we move into the long Labor Day weekend a few things you might be interested in:

  1. You may have seen that the African Children's Choir was recently in Fort Thomas and while I was not able to go my family had an amazing encounter with the group this week. Peter, my young son was at the park with his babysitter when the choir showed up to play at Tower Park. At one point during play one of the care takers asked the children to stop and provide an impromptu performance and needless to say my 2 year old was in awe.
  2. The Fort Thomas Board of Education has a published position of the Obama school address for the upcoming week. I think this is the right position. Use the address as a learning opportunity - I felt this way about the Bush I address in '91 and I feel the same about the Obama address as well. Our children will and should be exposed to many different thoughts, ideas, and beliefs many of which we have no control over - this approach allows each family to address it in their own way.
  3. On the Newport Pavilion Facebook page someone commented that they went to the job center and they informed him that the Kroger will now be delayed until November. There are apparently problems with the water main.
  4. I am hearing some rumblings that there have been some near misses on new retail around the Midway. I believe there will be some real momentum in the area once the construction gets out of the way. Open retail spaces have dropped in price and are now near a level where money can be made.
  5. Merchant's & Music Festival is on September 26th and lets hope for good weather. The last 2 years have been difficult for all outdoor festivals in Fort Thomas. You may remember my mention of a LinkedIn group called Fort Thomas Provides (FTP) that helped with the Ruth Moyer rain garden - FTP now has a Facebook page and will be at the Merchants & Music festival offering support at the beer ticket booth.
  6. Pergola's will be switching their seasonal menu on September 21st. It should be interesting to see the new menu items and if the concept changes any as we move into the fall and winter.

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