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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sidewalk Along Memorial Parkway

The Kentucky Post has an interview with Don Martin where he indicates work has in fact started again on the sidewalk along Memorial Parkway. I had actually assumed that work had finished near the city line with Bellevue and would never be completed. I am excited to see that it will be connected with Taylor in Bellevue.

However, my excitement is muted by the fact that the section of sidewalk in front of the apartments along Memorial has shown no signs of being completed. Not only did the developer tear out a hillside and trees which provided good erosion control but they leave the grounds unkempt. Because it is the developer's property it is their responsibility to complete the section of sidewalk in front of their development. My question is why the city can not fine the developer everyday that this work goes unfinished. As homeowners in town we are just billed for street resurfacing and other work I think the same operating procedures should hold for this developer. What do you think?

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  1. Memorial needs a sidewalk from Wilson to the Kroger entrance at Pavilion. Plenty of people are walking were there is no sidewalk and somebody may get hurt or killed like in Florence in March 2015.