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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Green Grants Available & Some Possible Uses

This past week the state of Kentucky received another $26 million in energy grants from the Department of Energy, bringing the grand total of funds received from the State Energy Program of the recent stimulus plan to $52 million.  The state has commented that they plan to use these funds to retrofit schools and public buildings.  The article states that "other programs might include conservation training and education, and transportation programs that will increase the use of alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles."

This is yet another opportunity for the city of Fort Thomas to grab some federal funds to lower ongoing maintenance costs of running the city.   Some suggestions could be to start with the city building.  Despite recent upgrades for the police department the rest of the building is still rather dated and the fire department's facilities are a bit lacking.  Couple upgrades with some of the following green features and I think they could win funds for facilities upgrades.

1. More efficient windows - not only avoid heating and cooling loss but more natural light can go a long way to save energy costs.

2. Solar panels for the roof of the city building or perhaps other facilities such as the armory.

3. Capture water run-off from roof tops of city buildings.  Could be used to water landscaping around the city. 

The transportation component could also be used for upgrades to maintenance vehicles with better gas milage or perhaps even upgrades to key service equipment such as fire engines.

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