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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kroger Opening Delayed... Again

Kroger now hoping to be opened by the 'end of the year'. The article confirms that there were in fact issues with the storm water pipe and they site the unfinished road - Pavilion Parkway. This has to be very frustrating for Kroger as each day that passes without an opening, especially with the holidays approaching, is lost revenue and a longer payback.

Bear Creek has completely gone silent and will not return any media contacts. Additionally, the Bear Creek website has been down for well over a week with the statement "The site is currently unavailable. Check back soon."

Additionally, a nice article on the history of the Cote Brilliante neighborhood illustrates the history that was lost with this development. History that includes a visit by JFK, amazing structures, one of the first modern shopping centers, and modern roads. If the city of Newport took the investment in the bonds and used a revitalization strategy that has worked so well in other parts of Newport would they have something better to show for it instead of missing out on additional retailers that can't move into a half completed 'big-box showcase'?

Don't get me wrong - I am excited to have more shopping options but this has to be difficult to watch for the city of Newport.


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