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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pergola - Other Options?

Pergola is still open for the remainder of this week serving coffee and baked goods (and as reported in Polly Campbell's blog post on offering refunds on gift certificates).  A nice show of good faith.

The conflict between Pergola's owners and the property owner is the reason for the shut down and there is the possibility that the restaurant can be kept in Fort Thomas.  Representatives are searching for another location and there appears to be a slight glimmer of hope that the restaurant can remain open in Fort Thomas but it would have to be at another location.  Stop in for a coffee and cinnamon bun and show your support while you still can.


  1. Darrin, you really should get your facts straight. If you are going to pretend to be a reporter you need to do your homework.
    Your posts are totally one sided. Have you even spoken to the current property owners? Obviously not, or you would know they have been strong supporters of the business community and did operate the restaurant themselves for nearly five years. That's quite a bit longer than the owners of Pergola were able to survive. I'm sorry to see them close but you owe it to the readers of your website to accurately record the facts or you will continue to lose your creditability and this site will just be a gossip site full of false information. I suggest
    you research both sides of the story and take a closer look at the real reasons that Pergola is closing.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts 'Anonymous'. I did confirm my facts from at least 3 independent sources that I trust. If the property owner wants an opportunity to tell their side of the story I will provide the opportunity to do so.

  3. Okay Darrin there is no conflict! I am really sick of reading your half reported blogs. As a matter of fact most of the stuff you write is negative and one sided. It seams to me you read or watch the news and post your sided, instead of being open minded and getting the WHOLE story from all involved.Another friend of Dan Krebs?
    Once again there is not a conflict between the owners and renters. Guess what? I am one of the owners! I don't have a conflict with them.
    I really wish the Krebs' would have succeeded in our building. It's a great location in the heart of Ft. Thomas. The concept wasn't bad. If only they could have executed it.We ate up there a couple of times.
    Here are some facts:
    If the rent was so high as they claim...why close the restaurant, that generated more than the bakery..hmmm too much overhead??Menu $$ cost too high? Maybe the food and service? I can count on both my hands how many people came to me and others that I know and complained asking me to go to the Krebs and tell them how bad the food and service was. That was in the first month. I got sick of listening to it and making excuses for them."Well,they're a new business, give them time maybe they'll change the menu." OR "Tell them, they might want to know." If you look at all the reviews they are in black and white! Or do they too not report correctly? Polly Campbell is very credible! She slammed a dessert I had, but I changed the recipe until it was right.
    The other excuse: the lease...Yes there is a lease agreement with the option to purchase at a reasonable price! Do you think they would have signed it otherwise? Come on! Think about it!
    Another excuse: Liquor License..once again the liquor license in Campbell County expire in Oct. the Krebs had a one year lease with the option to purchase. Guess what, they're lease was up in the Spring of 2010. Which meant they would have had to extend the lease another few months, which if he would have come to us...there are so many options to discuss.
    Another excuse:
    Mr. Krebs went to the City of Ft. Thomas without our consent with a plan to build some kind of permanent structure on the patio, again to extend the outdoor use, because he couldn't get people to dine inside. I wonder why? Well when you put up a sign blocking the handicap ramp with the words"We are serving on the patio today" How do you expect people to even think they have the choice to dine inside. My 91 year old grandmother and my daughter with asthma couldn't eat outdoors when the temp. was above 85 degrees and the sun beating down on them with our humidity.
    Also the Krebs are breaking they're lease agreement by closing before the agreed upon date.
    So Darrin, I noticed you also have Polly Campbells blog post underlined. If you read the first couple of sentences in her blog. She is repeating what she read according to your half truth blog.
    I really don't like conflict and like to keep peace between neighbors and other business owners.What you are reporting isn't the truth at all. You also reported that Debbie Buckley tried to do all she could, I don't remember even discussing anything with her regarding this matter. Heard it through the grape-vine!
    So why don't you think about what you report.
    Do you have such a boring life that you like to see conflict in other people's lives.
    I unlike others on this site will post my name, because I want people to know I have nothing to hide and the truth is all here.
    Mrs. Warner

  4. Mrs Warner. Thanks for your feedback on the situation. I am sorry that you believe there to be half truths in the story. The only facts I stated include:

    1.Pergola is closing.
    2.They are open this week serving coffee and muffins
    3.There is a conflict between the Krebs and Warners and the Krebs will confirm this and the tone of your comment seems to support this conflict
    4.Their liquor license is expiring which you confirmed

    I am having a hard time seeing the half truths.

    Generally I think my tone on this subject has been as positive as it can be given the negative situation of a retail establishment closing in our community.

    The intention of the blog is to provide the community with a forum for ideas and expression which I believe has been accomplished. I often offer suggestions to problems that the community face and would recommend anyone do the same.