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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on Newport Pavilion & Kroger Opening

Based on comments from the Facebook group 'Newport Pavilion Fans' here are a few updates:

1. Latest opening date for the Kroger Marketplace is now the week before Thanksgiving.  I am actually starting to believe that the date can be met given that surfacing of Pavilion Way is nearly complete and lighting is about 3/4 completed.  The turn late from Grand Ave has also been carved away and should be surfaced soon.

2. Another member of the Facebook group attached the picture above of an older version of the master plan.  While this plan includes a Best Buy which is apparently no longer an option it does shed some light on where BW3 and Chipotle are planned - the outlot near LaRosa's on the Grand Ave side of the development.  This is a more detailed map than the one that was on Bear Creek's website prior to the domain going down.

3. The final rumor that was included in the stream from the 'Newport Pavilion Fans' site is that Costco is rumored to be looking at the surface lot at the corner of I-471 and Grand Ave. 

I have left another message with Kroger to confirm the date above and will let you know if I hear anything else.

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