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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Annexed Land Behind Mildred Dean Elementary

The city of Newport outmenouvered Fort Thomas yesterday with news of the annexation of unincorporated land behind Mildred Dean Elementary and adjacent to St Elizabeth Hospital.  This is important because Mildred Dean will be closing soon and it opens up development possibilities. 

Who, you might ask, would be interested in that real estate?  Afterall it has poor visibility and is land locked.  The only logical choice is an expansion of St Elizabeth in the future or related medical offices.  With new (and better) ownership there is a real possibility for a more focused facility on the east side of Northern Kentucky or more medical offices to better serve the hospital than the older facilities up and across Grand from the hospital. 

Who ends up with this increased tax revenue base?  Not Fort Thomas - Newport does because they have been much more focused on building a better community.

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