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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fort Thomas on Etsy

Don't know what Etsy is?  You should - it is the eBay for local artists.  Many believe we are about to come out of an era in the US where big box retail has ruled the day and see a renaissance in main street boutique stores.  Etsy has gone a long way in fueling this resurgence.

There are a few unique local artists hocking their wares on Etsy and I thought I would bring it to your attention. Etsy has a feature that allows you to search your local merchants called Shop Local that indicates the following Fort Thomas Etsy artists creating a strong following:

Font Supply - a great concept of selling unique fonts for copywritting.  They have a great selection and offer digital downloads for a small price.
Itty Bitties - creates small clay miniatures with a very strong following.  Has carved out a very unique niche of tiny characatures.
Under the Sun - eclectic mix of vintage goods for the home
Pink Pineapples - advertises wearable art (jewelry & knitting) with 9 listings

Is there a way to promote these local artists as a component of a retail strategy?  In the past few years there have been hosted art shows at the mess hall but what if we used an open store front in the Midway to support these local artists or provided free space at the Earth Mother Market when it reopens in May?

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