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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fort Thomas Real Estate Update

As the snow and cold temperatures descend on the Ohio Valley this is a bit of a dead time for the real estate market.  However since my last post on the Fort Thomas real estate scene the first housing stimulus tax credit expired and was replaced with an extension of the first for 1st time home buyers and extended to all homeowners. 

Many national sales trends have been positive the past few months and Fort Thomas is no exception.  Here is a run down on the latest:
  • 14 sales in the month of November
  • 89 active listings at the end of November
  • The average home has spent 91 days on the market which is down a bit from previous months.  I am assuming this is because a couple of homes have moved or been taken off the market that had been on the market for a long time
One sore spot in the numbers is the average price on Zillow has been down the past two months in a row registering 0.7% decrease in October but about even to this point last year.  Overall home values have not suffered a lot but lets hope we are not at the top of a trend rather at the bottom and about to work our way up.

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