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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Thoughts & News

 First thing, the insanity at Kroger is unbelievable.  Here are my observations from the first weekend:
  1. The crowds have to subside sometime right?  This has to be just curious people and not everyone from the Remke, Bellevue Kroger, and other shopping options.
  2. It is great to have fresh sushi within a few short minutes of our house
  3. I know it is in the Newport Pavilion but can we call it the Fort Thomas Kroger?
  4. It must be nice for the people who live on Chesapeake Ave to have their shortcut back
  5. Even though ground has not been broken on the Target there is still hope for an opening in 2010.  There was a great article on Target in BusinessWeek and one nugget from that article is that they can tear down and rebuild a store in less than 9 months.  Of course they have never built with Bear Creek before.  Here is to hoping.
In addition to the Kroger related news -some additional notes from around Fort Thomas:
  1. Continuing the trend of offices opening in store fronts there is a new accounting office at the corner of Grand and Highland in the small building next to Cobblestone Cafe.  They replace Interior Design Consultants in that spot who is latest loss to the Bellevue Fairfield Avenue business district.
  2. The Fort Thomas firefighters held their annual MDA fundraising event this weekend at the 915 (who continues to be an amazing sponsor) and continued to raise money for this wonderful cause.  They do not yet have pictures or results posted but you can see how much fun was had at last year's event.

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  1. The day the new Krogers opened Channel 12 ran a little segment in the evening news. They interviewed people from Cincinnati! AAArrrggghhh! I am so tired of being a stepchild to Cincinnati. I haven't visited the new store yet but when I do I'm going to check out license plates. Is it really and urban store for downtown Cincinnati?