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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fort Thomas 2010 Election Update

I spoke with the county today and the following candidates have registered for city council and mayor respectively:
  • Eric Haas
  • Jim Doepker
  • Roger Peterman
  • Tom Lampe
  • Jill Steller
Mary Brown is the only candidate that has registered for mayor. Does this mean Jill Kelly has had enough and is moving on or is she just waiting until the last minute to file papers?  I would be interested to see if Barbara Levine is interested in running again - she definitely enjoyed serving and was disappointed with the loss 2 years ago.  What if a sixth candidate does not file, will council be able to choose someone and who could that be?
This response is of course a far cry from two years ago when there was a clear desire to see some change.  Is the lack of response an indication of apathy, did the re-election last year of mostly incumbents keep newcomers from registering again?  Is there a lack of any real issues this election cycle? 

Of course the registration deadline is Saturday so there could still be a couple surprise registrations.  I would love to see a few new entrants to make things interesting again.  Of course paper ballots this year may be the only thing necessary to make this election an interesting one in Campbell County.

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