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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Notes

Here are a few notes on some very disconnected topics:
  1. I confirmed with the Campbell County courthouse today that Mary Brown is running unopposed this year for mayor and the current incumbent council members have 1 challenger - Jeremy Cantor.  Jeremy ran last time but did not run an overly effective campaign.  Here is to hoping that he makes a better run at the current group.
  2. I received an offer from the Bluegrass Swim Club (located in Fort Wright) offering those on the very lengthy waiting list of the Fort Thomas Swim Club a discount on membership.  Of course the email did not indicate what the discount was - I will pass that along to anyone interested once I receive the update.  I would wager a guess that there will not be many takers since proximity is an issue.
  3. I also got an inquiry from someone who recently moved into the Villa Grande subdivision by Fisher Homes wondering why residents of that neighborhood (which is technically in Fort Thomas) is not in the Fort Thomas Independent Schools district but must attend instead Campbell County Schools.  Anyone out there understand why this is?
  4. The Highlands Bluebird Blog has some good updates on Bluebird football players with offers.  In addition to Collinsworth's commitment to Notre Dame, Tyler Grubbs has committed to Miami of Ohio and Bardo & Roller have military offers.


  1. My understanding regarding the Ft Thomas School district and Villa Grande subdivision is that not all of Ft Thomas is part of the school district that some of it is located in areas that are considered Campbell County School district. I think there are apartments in Gettysburg that fall into this situation too as well as some homes on Fischer Lane in Ft Thomas but they may be in Newport or Southgate.

  2. my understanding is that the land was in the city of Woodlawn and not Ft. Thomas but like in other areas around Ft. Thomas they had the zip code changed so it lists as Ft. Thomas. The problem is that they didn't change the school districts like they did in the other areas. It should work on Woodlawn in that you can go to Ft. Thomas schools for a fee.

  3. From a knowledgeable reader: "It should be noted that the city of Ft Thomas and the Ft Thomas Independent School District are two separate political divisions.

    The school district boundaries were established prior to the 1950s to be the same as the boundaries of the city at that time. As a result when the city annexed areas in the county there was not an easy legal mechanism to bring those land areas into the new parts of the city.

    In the mid 1950s there was an effort to bring all of the area between Ft Thomas and Newport (including Woodlawn) into the school district but the Superintendent died and nothing happened.

    Between 1986-1998 there were discussions with Campbell County to bring the areas off of Newman Ave and Chesapeake into the Ft Thomas Independent Schools. The County School district was not
    favorable and it would take a long process which would have to be approved by the Dept of Education and money paid to Campbell County Schools for loss of Bonding/Tax revenues from the loss of that property on their tax rolls. As the Ft Thomas Schools did not have
    the extra $$$ to pay legal expenses and Campbell County Schools if the matter were to proceed and interest waned the matter was dropped."

  4. Darrin,

    Thx for following up for me on the school issue. Did you find out what we need to do to bring this up again? Also, one reader said we could send our kids to Ft. Thomas schools for a fee. Reader, do you know what this fee is? Is it similar to a private school fee or less?

  5. Darrin,

    Thanks for following up. Did you find out what we need to do or who we need to talk to in order to bring this up again.

    There was a reader who said that we could send our kids to FT schools for a fee. Reader, do you know what this fee is? Is it similar to private schools or is it less?


  6. The fee is something like $2,200-2,400 per year, but there is a lottery system. No guarantees.