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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Battle of the Ft. Thomas Daytime DVR

Personally, I don't watch Oprah. My wife might attest that I have, from time to time, accidentally come across it, but I would never admit to watching it daily. Of course, being a male 25-34, I am not Oprah's target demographic.

Connie Hall, however, is exactly who Oprah's advertisers are after. The Fort Thomas mother of five is an avid Oprah fan, so much so that she has been on the waiting list for live studio audience tickets for the last eight years. That's a few years longer than the Ft. Thomas Swim Club waiting list. Either way, it's a long time.

Imagine her dilemma when she finally received her Oprah tickets only to find out that just as she was getting ready to hear what Oprah's new favorite things were in her studio audience, she was also scheduled to field questions from Meredith Viera on the hot seat of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" On the same day. Seriously.

After taking the on-line test for "Millionaire", Hall was called within a couple of weeks notifying her that she had passed the test and was given a date about when she would be in the "hot seat."

"I had that gut feeling as soon as I got my Oprah notification that something would happen to prevent me from going," Hall said. "In fact, I told my 12-year old as soon as I got the Oprah tickets, that Millionaire would call - and they did."

What's a Fort Thomas mother and wife to do?

"My boys didn't give me much choice as to which show to go to! They say thousands of people audition for "Millionaire" and only a few make it,"
Hall explained.

So how was her experience on one of the most nerve wracking shows to be a contestant on?

"I wasn't nervous being there because it was a lot of fun. My nerves were the thought of being humiliated by leaving with nothing. People in my group left with nothing and were devastated. Also, I knew my boys would never let me live it down if I got the big fat zero so that was the most nerve wracking part."

"Meredith Viera was very friendly, very down to earth. We were cutting up so much between air time I kept forgetting I was there to do a job! She even sent a note congratulating me on being on the show and it was very personal. She is certainly not a TV show diva."

After taping on October 29th of last year, Hall's "Millionaire" episode was to air today at 4:30 on local channel 12. With the inclement weather getting more news coverage than it probably deserves, that date was pushed back and will air when local scheduling is back to normal. Be sure to set your DVR.

I'll be watching to see if her strategy of memorizing every question from the "Millionaire" board game came in handy, or if the video of contestants getting the first question wrong (which her boys sent her as motivation) was stuck in her head.

So would Fort Thomas Matters readers get a spoiler alert on how much cash Connie Hall won before the show airs?

"I'll tell (Fort Thomas Matters) what I told my boys, it's between zero and one million," Hall said, " In fact, (my sons) got very angry with me for not telling. Rules are rules!"

As a published children's books author, , Hall's media tour may not be over. She's currently shopping publishers for a new series of children's books and is in preliminary talks for a new talk show in Cincinnati. Don't worry if you forget to set your DVR, Fort Thomas Matters will update you on all things Hall.

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