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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ft. Thomas Schools on the news - again

(Picture is on N. Fort Thomas Ave, on the bend right before St. Catherine)

As I was shoveling snow today at my house, channel 5 news stopped by to interview me and basically let me know how I had my work cut out for me all day. Thanks, as if I didn't know that.

They wanted to know if I had kids in Ft. Thomas Independent Schools and if so, what my reaction was to being the only school open. I don't have kids, but I did attend Ft. Thomas schools through my life. I think I may have had less than five scheduled days off of school from K-12.

For the second time in two weeks, Ft. Thomas schools were in session when seemingly every other district, public or independent, had closed.

According to the Facebook group "Fort Thomas Should Get Snow Days," which Superintendent John Williamson posts on, Highlands was to make up school today -which was originally a planned day off - for schools closing last Wednesday. Apparently Highlands is accepting weather as an acceptable excused absence, but at some point, doesn't common sense have to play a part in this? The forecast has not changed since yesterday.

I know that the accolades which Ft. Thomas Schools have attained have come with the hard work of officials and teachers and that means keeping schools in session when others are off. But when parents and students alike are not only being inconvenienced by the weather, but are being put at risk for injury, something's gotta give.

What are we trying to prove? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve communications between parents, students and the school system?


  1. I knew a lot of people felt the same way about Fort Thomas not having snow days. That's why I made the group on Facebook

  2. No, we should have "built in" schools days. I know many parents that feel the same way and haven't signed anything or "liked" your Facebook group.