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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Idea for Ft. Thomas Rec. Dept.

Darrin has talked extensively about more family friendly events that Ft. Thomas could incorporate into their family night events. Updating and using the amphitheater has been something that he has detailed that would be a huge draw.

Dave Buerger
, director of the Ft. Thomas rec. dept is looking for ideas to revamp family night. (HAT TIP TO AMANDA JOERING ALLEY).

"We're stepping back and taking a look at what else we can offer and ways to get more families to participate," said Dave Buerger, director of the recreation department. "Our focus with the family nights is to bring families together and get them involved."

Taking a page from Newport of the Levee's Progressive Dinner , why not a Ft. Thomas Progressive Dinner this Spring? Appetizers at The Midway, followed by dinner at Ft. Thomas Pizza and dessert at Sarelli's?

Newport's version cost $30. I'm quite sure this could be organized and done for less that that. Thoughts?

Hope everyone has a good weekend. If you need help digging out, and live between Tower Hill and St. Catherine on N. Fort Thomas, let me know if I can help.

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