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Monday, February 15, 2010

Links from 5, 9 ,12 & 19 Ft. Thomas Snow Stories

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Channel 9

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Channel 19

While most of these links are from last week, the themes around the stories from today remain the same. Are there parents out there who are grateful that school is in session on days like today, as Superintendent Williamson suggests?


  1. I don't think you'll find anyone who's grateful, but for sure there are parents that complain loudly when end of year (or first Friday of Spring break) make up days threaten their vacations.

    Dr. Williamson made a mistake today, but I think a lot of the brick throwing in his direction is overkill.

  2. I believe that most people can get their kids to school in this weather. The city does an excellent job of taking care of the main streets. There are a few streets that are impassable until the plow comes and they are not priority streets. For these past two storms, the prudent thing would have been to call a delay and allow the city crews to do their job without all the mommies jamming things up. Then, he would have heard from the city that they were not getting ahead of it and he could have called off on the day that school should have been called, not the day after when the streets are clear. We live in an area that regularly receives measurable snowfall and the norm should be that you go to work and you go to school. Occasional significant snowfall (more than 6 inches) calls for more thought and more caution.

  3. I am glad they had school and I think it is silly that they were guilted into canceling the next day. For many parents, kids off means having to take off of work as well. In this town, the schools are in walking distance. We always walked to school in the snow in Chicago.