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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Real" News

One of the themes that I try to incorporate in my posts are links to social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Nixle, etc. have evolved from gimmicky, pass-the-time- websites to legitimate ways to connect, market, and break news.

As a Journalism major, I came to the harsh realization that my dream of taking over Paul Daugherty's column in the Cincinnati Enquirer would probably not happen - not due to my lack of journalistic ability, rather because print journalism is regrettably a dying art form.

This blog, for instance, is another type of news outlet that has transcended from something that Darrin started to keep Fort Thomas citizens informed, to apparently a news outlet that "real" journalists use as a starting point to get their "real news."

The "Will Chambers Broadcaster" story and the latest "Snow Days" stories written on Fort Thomas Matters have themes and quotes that are very similar to stories run on The Community Recorder pages of the Cincinnati Enquirer days later (with no credit, by the way).

**This is Darrin hi-jacking Mark's post** I couldn't let this post past with also calling attention to another story from yesterday's Enquirer about the Newport Pavilion. I posted this news on Sunday night and magically it appears on Tuesday with no additional information other than a declined quote from the city of Newport and rehashed news from other old stories on Bear Creek Capital. At least when we rip off another story we refer to it and link to the actual article, provide some additional commentary or additional facts and move on rather than completely ripping the story off as our own and not linking or referencing to it. ** Now back to the rest of Mark's story **

But I'm not bitter at all. I think it goes to show that blogs like this and networks that we all use to "pass the time" are now legitimate forms of communication that we should be embracing.

So use the comments section to discuss some of the issues that are brought forth on this blog. It can only help to improve our city - even if you are just passing the time.

* A few updates on past stories:

- Connie Hall won $10,000 on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"

- After 4 years of at Georgetown College, Will Chambers is moving on go forth in his broadcasting career.

- If you want to sign the petition regarding snow days that Ft. Thomas resident, Christina Sticker Whitlatch created, she is asking that you do so via Facebook. Click her name to find her profile.

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