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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little Football Madness in March

One of the bigger disappointments I had during my 4 years at Highlands was never winning the regional championship in soccer. Despite a top 5 ranking in both my junior and senior year, we never could get over the hump - losing to Covington Catholic in the finals both years.

Don't you just wish you could go back in time?

I'd give up a mortgage payment to get it back, although my wife might have something to say about it. For Highlands football alumni, they could get the chance to relive their past glory for the small sum of $75.

Alumni Football USA
is attempting to put together a Highlands/Cov Cath alumni football game, complete with full pads, hitting and no doubt causing local drug stores to sell out of extra strength Advil.

All that needs to happen is for both teams to fill out rosters of 40. So far, Highlands has 15 players to Cov Cath's 5. The discrepancy in early numbers could be because the Colonels are tired of getting beat by the Birds.

Aside from sheer entertainment value, and positive PR the game would get, the game would benefit the school financially as well by paying for the field lease, concessions, ticket sales and raffles. I hope it happens.

For more information, visit the fan page on Facebook. Maybe someone should start a thread on the page for depth chart at the quarterback position. Lorenzen or Guidugli?

Oh, and GO CATS

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