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Friday, March 19, 2010

Neighborhoods in Fort Thomas

I don't view Fort Thomas as having distinct neighborhoods but rather identifying as Fort Thomas residents in the broader sense.  It is not as if Fort Thomas is a new outer ring neighborhood with new track home neighborhoods with stone walls at the entrance indicating the name of the community.

Some common divisions do occur and  are based on North, South, and Central Fort Thomas which also seems to align with the three elementary schools; Johnson, Woodfill, and Ruth Moyer.  Each of the areas have their own larger parks (Tower for the South, Highland for Central, and Rossford for North) and their own entrances into and out of town via 471 (Memorial Pkwy for the North, Grand Ave for the Central, and Southgate for the South).

As I thought a little more though there are some very distinct neighborhoods in Fort Thomas that include:
1. Lumley Heights - this is my neck of the woods and you wouldn't necessarily think of the Miller, Lumley, Shaw streets as a distinct neighborhood but when they were first built out there was a very strong sense of community among these streets
2. Tower Park old captains homes - not sure if this street of homes has a name or not but they definitely have a strong sense of community as each spring the tent comes out and it is the epicenter for block parties
3. Also newer neighborhoods such as the new Fischer community, Ville Grande just off 471 and Memorial Pkwy or the since completed Fischer community off of Highland that is seperated from 471 with the retaining wall.

I couldn't really find where any of these examples had an organized neighborhood association though - is anyone aware of any Fort Thomas communities that have organized a neighborhood association?

Is it really that people in Fort Thomas associate with their streets instead of neighborhoods?  Just this past week the Enquirer reported on a recent example of Holly Woods Drive (not hollywoods drive as the Enquirer reported) where a resident got fed up with a crime problem on her street and started a neighborhood watch.  Susannah Fedders and Rajiim Gross have even started a Yahoo group for their neighborhood watch although I could not find a link to it.

I read a recent article in Soapbox Media regarding some things about Covington neighborhoods including the fact that there are 19 active, neighbor led neighborhood groups in Covington that are coming together to learn from each other about how leaders can improve their own neighborhoods.  It makes me wonder why there are not more neighborhood or street associations in Fort Thomas.  Residents generally have a lot of pride in their community and there are definitely some streets and 'neighborhoods' that could use a little more ownership.

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  1. Amanda Joering AlleyMarch 23, 2010 at 9:53 AM

    Just a FYI, though the Fort Thomas Recorder and Enquirer are both owned by Gannett, I write for the Recorder, not the Enquirer. We share, so stories on that site come from both news sources. Thanks! Amanda Joering Alley